Farm Katjapia

The Farm Katjapia is situated in the central highlands of Namibia, 120 km from the capital city Windhoek and 55 km from the small town Okahandja.

Farm Katjapia is a cozy and small guest house, a typical African farm with extensive beef farming.
The farm consists of 6000 hectares of savannah and other vegetation, divided into a number of camps, each with its own characteristics. The two big rivers coursing through the farm occasionally run heavily in the summer months, but for most of the year they are dry. The sandy river beds are an interesting route on horseback, by foot or by vehicle.

For years, small groups of visitors to Farm Katjapia, have been introduced to a unique experience in the fields of guided hunting, wildlife watching and cattle ranching.

Practical information

Various directs from Europe to Windhoek in 10 hours
- from Frankfurt Air Nambia ( - Condor Air 
- from Amsterdam (
- from Köln (Keulen) (

Katjapia has two double rooms with air conditioning and en-suite bathrooms and 2 two bed rooms with en-suite bathrooms.

There is a large comfy air-conditioned living room with a large fireplace / barbecue facility, as well as many opportunities to sit outside in the sun by the swimming pool or to enjoy the comfort of our spacious lapa.

Katjapia falls into the area of Namibia which is largely malaria-free. Certain vaccinations are recommended to prevent jaundice. Please be informed, contact your local Public Health Service.

Since 1990, English is the official language in Namibia, but Afrikaans and German are widely spoken. AB and Tasha of course also understands dutch.

Namibia is a dry and hot land.
From June to August is winter, it is dry and the average daytime temperature is around 21°C. At night it can cool to below freezing in some desert areas.
The rainy season is from November to March, when the rain showers are short and intense. The Namibian summer, from December through March, brings very hot days (averaging 32°C with peaks as high as 40°C). Physical activities are mainly in the morning and evening.
In the heat of the day, between 13:00 and 15:00, it is quiet on Katjapia, great time to catch a siesta nap!


4 guest rooms Hot showers + toilet per room Airconditioning Childeren Welcome Interent available Horse riding Game drives 4x4 routes Guided Safaris Hinking Bird watching Spectaculair views Camera Campsite available Campsite facilities